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Children's Health Insurance Program (Mississippi)

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Mississippi Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

Mississippi CHIP is a state-funded program providing health insurance coverage to uninsured children under the age of 19.

Eligibility Requirements
Children who are residents of the state of Mississippi, U.S. citizens and alien immigrant, and are not insured are eligible for this health insurance program. A child must be determined ineligible for Medicaid before eligibility for CHIP can be considered. Income requirements are based on 200% of the federal poverty level.

Waiting Periods
There are no waiting periods to meet and coverage will start approximately 30 days after your application is received and approved.

Covered Services and Benefits
Mississippi CHIP provides comprehensive coverage for:

  • Doctor's Visits
  • Health Screenings
  • Preventive health care
  • Prescription Medications
  • Inpatient and out patient Hospital care
  • Lab services
  • Dental Care
  • Vision and hearing exams
  • Mental health services
  • Well-child check ups and sick-child care

Health Plan Options
For more information on the health plan options available, contact a Mississippi CHIP service center in your area.

Premium Payments, Co-Payments and Coinsurance
There are no premiums to participate in the CHIP program. Some families with higher income levels may be required to make a small co-payment at time of service. There are no deductibles required for any covered service.

Program Length, Enrollment and Renewal
Eligibility is continuous for one year. A new application will be required to continue being eligible for CHIP when the annual termination date of coverage approaches.

Mississippi CHIP Contact Information
Mississippi CHIP
239 North Lamar Street, Suite 801
Jackson, MS 39201-1399

Mississippi CHIP Website

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