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United States Unemployment Rate
United States Unemployment Rate

As if being among the ranks of the unemployed isn't stressful enough, when this misfortune is accompanied with the loss of group health insurance, it creates an additional concern. Many people, especially those that have been insured through an employer for most of their adult life, are not aware of the many options available to prevent them from also joining the ranks of the uninsured. With this in mind,, a, Inc. property, has put together this helpful and informative Guide to Health Insurance for the Unemployed. While unemployment can cause unfortunate disruptions in one's financial affairs, the risks involved in not maintaining health insurance can potentially make things worse. Maintaining appropriate health insurance coverage is understandably not top-of-mind during the difficult transition period that unemployment can bring. However, there are important considerations for people who find themselves unemployed and at risk of losing their group health insurance coverage.

There are risks to being without health insurance, both near-term in protecting against major medical expenses, but also longer-term in your ability to enter into a more permanent health insurance plan at a later date. This guide provides a very high level overview of all of the medical insurance options that you may consider and what the potential long-term benefits and risks that each of those options might bring.









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