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HealthInsuranceFinders is an online health insurance resource that provides consumers with all of the resources they need to make an educated decision when purchasing or changing a personal medical insurance policy. With over 1,000 pages of health insurance resources on our website, you are sure to find the answer to your questions. Our unique advice column allows consumers to obtain assistance with any private or personal health insurance related question from our knowledgeable staff of experts. Our broker and insurance company directories assist the consumer in finding an authorized agent in their state to assist them in purchasing a variety of private medical insurance related products. Our agent directories are broken down by state and include individual, group, short-term and student health insurance, as well as Medicare supplemental insurance, dental insurance, travel insurance and international health insurance. With all this information, we offer the most complete and comprehensive personal medical insurance resource on the Internet.

Our goal is to provide the consumer with all of the tools required to make an educated decision based on personal needs and finances. Our specialty is health insurance for individuals, families, and business owners. HealthInsuranceFinders offers an unparalleled private health insurance resource that can provide you with the resources and contacts to find a health plan and obtain rate comparisons from several different health insurance companies in your state. Once you find the medical insurance plan that best fits the needs of your family or business, the agencies listed in our directory will provide you with personal assistance in understanding and completing the application process.

For the consumer that is not interested in purchasing private medical insurance, but has questions about insurance regulations or is just doing research, our site will provide you with the answers. The personal health insurance resources included on our site include insurance company research, COBRA laws, tips on choosing a health plan, links to many state and federal consumer resource sites, access to your State Department of Insurance, information about high-risk health pools, children's health insurance programs, Medicaid programs, Medicare laws and much more. Learn more about how helps consumers.

HealthInsuranceFinders is a brand and trademark of Allhealth Insurance Services. The company was founded in 1995 and operates as an independent licensed agency.

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