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Massachusetts Individual Health Insurance

Health insurance can be a perfect solution for the financial worries ensuing from unexpected medical bills accompanied with illness or injury. If you are currently uninsured, purchasing a Massachusetts individual health insurance policy is required in the state of Massachusetts and you could lose your personal tax exemption or be fined for not obtaining coverage. Finding out more about the rules and regulations regarding individual health insurance plans in Massachusetts is your first step to deciding which policy is right for you.

Eligibility: How Am I Evaluated?

Massachusetts residents age 18 and older under the Individual Mandate law are required to have health insurance that is deemed by the state to be affordable to them at their income level or they risk being fiscally penalized on their personal state income taxes.

Since health insurance is required in Massachusetts, all private health insurance policies in the state are guaranteed issue. This means that any provider selling insurance in the state is prohibited from turning you down for a policy. This also allows the state to remain in accordance with HIPPA Group-to-Individual Portability Coverage regulations.

Massachusetts Guaranteed Benefits & Pre-Existing Conditions

For the most part, insurers are not required to include specific policies in their selection of plans. There are no laws in Massachusetts that mandate standardized policies for individual health insurance, yet. That being said, by 2009 all policies within the state will be required to cover things such as:

  • Preventative care
  • Primary care
  • Emergency services
  • Hospitalization
  • Prescription drugs
  • Mental health services

Massachusetts Individual Health Insurance Premiums

Massachusetts individual health insurance premiums cannot be determined based on your gender, health status, or occupation. They can, however, vary based on age, how many people are covered under your policy, and where you reside in the state. However, your insurer cannot cancel your policy because of an illness and they can't deny you the chance to renew your policy. They also cannot unfairly raise your premiums because you have made claims on the policy or because of your current health status.

Health insurance acts as a financial shield against high medical expenses and ensures the well-being of your family. Consult with a Massachusetts qualified broker/agent near you to avail the benefits of health insurance alternatives.

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