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Indiana Hoosier Healthwise

Hoosier Healthwise is Indiana's health care program for children, pregnant women, and low-income working families. To be eligible for the program, your child must be 18 or under and your household income must meet specific requirements.

Eligibility Requirements
Children up to age 19 may be eligible for coverage with no premiums or for low-cost coverage under the Children's Health Plan Benefit Package C. Pregnant women can be eligible for full coverage under Package A, or for pregnancy-related coverage under Package B, depending on family income and assets. Low-income families can be eligible for Hoosier Healthwise, if there are children under the age of 18 living with their parent(s). All applicants must be a resident of Illinois and non US-citizens who meet all financial and categorical requirements may be eligible for full or limited coverage, depending on their immigration status.

Waiting Periods
To apply for package C, you must have not had an employer group health plan in effect for the past 3 months. Certain circumstances may allow you to waive this waiting period.

Covered Services and Benefits
The Hoosier Healtwise plan provides coverage for:

  • Hospital care
  • Doctor visits
  • Check ups
  • Well-child visits
  • Clinical services
  • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Lab and X-rays
  • Mental Health Care
  • Substance Abuse
  • Dental and vision care
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Home health care
  • Nursing facility services
  • Therapies
  • Hospice care
  • Family planning services
  • Chiropractors
  • Emergency care
  • Specialty care

Health Plan Options
There are three plans offered, each with similar benefits. Benefit Package A provides full coverage, Package B is maternity-related coverage for pregnant women. There are no premiums or co-pays on for Package A and B. Package C offers full coverage to children, however, you need to pay a minimal premium and co-pay for certain services.

The Indiana Hoosier Healthwise program provides health coverage through three insurance providers: Anthem, Managed Health Services and MDwise.

Premium Payments, Co-Payments and Coinsurance
Benefits Package A has no premiums or co-payments. For Package C, monthly premiums range between $22 and $50 per month, depending on the family's income level and the number of family members covered. There are minimal co-payments for certain covered services, such as prescription drugs.

Program Length, Enrollment and Renewal
The Hoosier Healthwise plan provides coverage for 12 months. You may re-enroll in the plan but you will need to complete an eligibility review application to make sure you still qualify for the program. Changes in family income level may require changing to Package C if you are currently insured under Package A.

Hoosier Healthwises Contact Information

Indiana Family and Social Services Administration
Office of Communications
P. O. Box 7083
402 W. Washington Street

Indianapolis, IN 46207-7083


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