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Health insurance is heavily regulated by state governments, so any search for affordable medical insurance should start by requesting a free health insurance quote for your state. is continually adding information for consumers to use in researching their medical insurance options. The laws that govern health insurance can vary substantially from state to state so it is important that you understand the specific regulations governing medical coverage in your state and how they might affect any health insurance quotes you receive. Each of our state pages offers access to medical insurance quotes for all insurance types as well as information about the regulations governing individual (family) and group plans. Regular news article additions provide pertient coverage of the hot topics affecting the healthcare industry in your state and our feed reader pulls in up-to-the-minute coverage so you can find more information on events as they happen.

Requesting a Health Insurance Quote in Your State

Federal regulations establish minimum standards for the medical insurance industry in the United States. States are expected to improve on these minimum standards based on the needs of their residents. This dual layer of laws and regulations can make navigating the health care system confusing and intimidating. It is important for any consumer looking for a health insurance quote to understand how these regulations affect their options and to have access to the organizations that govern the industry in case they have any questions. Persuant of our mission to educate consumers about their options, we have written, collected and organized resources dedicated to each state that outline the various regulations, state-sponsored medical insurance programs, and various governmental resources available online.

To learn more about the medical insurance regulations governing a particular state or to find access to additional resources and quotes for medical insurance, choose your state to the right. If you have already been denied coverage by an insurance carrier or cannot afford medical coverage, please review the information about each state's high-risk pool for the uninsurable and State Children's Health Insurance Program, where applicable.

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Additional Individual and Family Health Insurance Resources

  • State Children's Health Insurance Program

    SCHIP is an extension of a state's Medicaid program, typically serving children of poor or low-income families, although some states have much broader eligibility requirements. This is one of the few state-sponsored programs available to families who cannot obtain group or private family coverage for their children.

  • High-Risk Pools

    Many states offer high-risk health coverage to individuals who are deemed "uninsurable" due to a pre-existing condition that excludes them from coverage through most of the state's health insurance carriers. These programs are more mandated by the state than they are sponsored by it since a heavy burden of cost is still placed on the individual.