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Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company

Strongly committed to the senior market, Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company, has put together a strong suite of product to help ensure that the needs of today's seniors are met. With net assets exceeding $513 million the financial strength and stability of the company offers its members the comfort of knowing that its claims will be paid in a timely fashion.

Included in the Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company portfolio of product are annuities, Medicare Supplements, Senior Preferred Whole Life Insurance and Single Premium Universal Life. With more than 30 years experience in the Medicare market, Standard Life believes it offers some exceptional alternatives to its senior members. Medicare supplement insurance plans offered by Standard Life are Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D, Plan E, Plan F, Plan F+ and Plan G. These plans are designed to assist our members in the payment of medical expenses not covered under Medicare. Please note, however, that not all plans may be available in all states.

Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company also offers a specially designed plan called Medicare SELECT. Medicare SELECT was specifically designed to supplement Medicare. Through Medicare SELECT, you may choose your own doctors and other medical service providers and reduce your insurance premiums below the cost of many traditional Medicare Supplement plans. Medicare SELECT is based on a select network of participating hospitals and physicians and if you receive care in a network hospital, you pay no Medicare Part A deductible.

When it comes to life insurance, the folks at Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company know their business. They also know that determining the type and amount of life insurance is important to its members and take great care in assisting their members with this decision making process. The Senior Preferred Whole Life policy is available to individuals ages 18 to 85 and requires no physical exam. Standard Life's whole life policy offers its member guaranteed premium and a level death benefit protection. Their Universal Life products also provide their members with peace of mind in knowing that payment of the policy can be accelerated in the case of unforeseen medical confinement or a medical emergency arises.

Also offered through Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company are a suite of annuities, which include Flexible Premium Deferred annuities, Multiple Year Guarantee annuities and Single Premium Deferred annuities.

AM Best: A (Excellent) in California

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Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company
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Phone: (409) 763-4661

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